Guide to the beer festival

Clipstone Beer & Cider Festival

Guide to the beer festival

Guide to the First Clipstone Beer & Cider Festival

The festival opens its doors at 6.30pm on Friday 14 April.

If you haven’t been to a beer festival before here is a quick guide to help you on your way.

When you enter you will be asked for £2 admission* (unless you have bought an advance ticket) plus £1 glass deposit and £5 for your first beer token that will get you 1.5 or 2 pints depending on what you chose to drink.

So please have your £8 ready (£6 if you have an advance ticket).

You will also be given your complimentary beer festival programme which lists all the beers and ciders. Time for a drink!

Beer prices will be from £2.50 a pint (£1.25 a half) with Ciders from (£3 per pint (£1.50 a half).

There will be no cash at the bar. Your beer token will be marked off as you buy your drinks. Return to the Beer Token desk at the front door when you need to get more tokens.

We are also open on Saturday 2-11pm. Between 2 & 6pm is a family session with plenty of Children’s entertainment.

On Saturday night there is live music from an excellent Folk Rock band called Box O’Frogs.

There will be a drinking up session Sunday 12pm onwards (subject to beer availability) where beer prices will be reduced.

Hot food is available at all sessions (except Sunday).

*Admission charge applies to 18 and over only.

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