Ian Cotton on pre-season

Ian Cotton on pre-season

The Cobras boss Ian Cotton welcomes his players back to pre-season and we managed to catch up with him to find out what’s been happening.

We started pre-season early to try and step up everyone’s fitness levels. One thing that was apparent during last season’s games was the lads tired in the final minutes.

Ian Cotton Clipstone FC Manager

Ian Cotton Clipstone FC Manager

Pre-season is where the hard work begins for the players, we’ve had the cones and a few balls out there, we want training to be interesting and enjoyable but we also want it to be intense and competitive.

We have a young squad with a lot of natural fitness but that’s not enough at this level we’ve got to push ourselves and work extremely hard. So when the season starts we have to be fit and ready so we can hit the ground running. As I’ve always said when playing for this team the players will need to take personal pride and get out improving their fitness in their own time.

When asked about the current squad and any new faces Cotton said:

Turnout has been good over the last couple of weeks, myself and Danny have been working very hard, talking to the players, speaking with new ones so we’re hopeful come the first pre-season friendly against Dronfield in a couple of weeks time I’ll have a very strong idea of where we are.

In the aftermath of last season the club is being built around committed local players.

Because of this we have to acknowledge with that basis there’s going to be competition for players around all local clubs. What that does do is open up new opportunities for players to play at a standard that once upon a time they wouldn’t have got close to.

There is no easy way through pre-season and the lads all understand that. But there’s no getting away from it, it’s tough. I want to see the players playing and doing everything they can to get into the team and that’s the target for all of them. It’s now up to all the lads to take their chance and make the final squads.

Training sessions are still open and if you believe you are at the standard we require then please contact us and come to training. Days are as below:

Tuesdays 7PM
Thursdays 7PM
Saturdays 10:30AM

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