Clubhouse vandalised as burglars raid clubhouse.

Clubhouse vandalised as burglars raid clubhouse.

Thieves have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage after breaking into the clubhouse on Saturday night. Televisions, catering equipment and lots more have been wrecked during the raid.


The incident is a major blow for the club.

To be honest I’m totally gutted. The wind taken from our sails. The club including committee, players and supporters have worked their backsides off to build the club this year. We are proud of what we have and people donate hours, days and months of their time to keep it in great condition and the club running for the community. Only for mindless idiots to break into the club last night, smash the telly, catering equipment, door shutter and generally just wreck and vandalise our precious facilities. Mindless and absolutely pointless.

We have had an absolutely outstanding reach from the community and much further a field to the incidents, we are genuinely appreciative of the support. There have been so many requests for a link for donations so we put the link below. Every little helps.


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