Thank you!

Thank you!

After so many requests for us to set up a just giving page for donations we are sat her absolutely blown away by the support.

With hundreds of shares, comments & retweets, donations have come in from many places and we are over £1,000 this morning. We would like to thank our partners MFP & Rileys for kind offers to help redecorate and secure the ground better than ever.

A special shout out goes to Garry Wiltshire who donated a brand new tv for the clubhouse as well as clubs & supporters from the NCEL. Maltby Main, AFC Mansfield & Pickering Town just to name a few!

People have been so generous with their hard earned cash from far and wide as well. I’m speechless. We also have had offers from our sponsors (MFP Linings & Rileys) to help with getting the building secure with new shutters etc. Thank you to everyone who has donated we are sincerely grateful. My faith in humanity has been restored.

Big thank you’s go to those named below:

David Plum Streets
Neil Duncan
Alan Jeffries
Lee Wilson
Mark Pell
Adrian Rawden
Steve Smith
Dave Rodgers
Pam Chadwick
Verity Wheeldon
The Owen Family
Robert Seaton
Lynsey Hutchison
Paul Ramadamadingdong Ramsdale
Tim Priest
Brian Stokes
Steve Hymas
Andy Saunders
Alan Weston
LG Davies
Karl Wilson
Jo Sprigg
Garry Wiltshire
MFP Linings (Justin and Gillian)
Steve Devine Bradbury (Riley & Co)
Ryan Hatcher
Craig Kendal & Chris Muncie – The Bootiful Game
Lisa Hannah
Kully Sidhu
Malty Main – Wilf Race
David Hardisty
Rachel Swinney
Richard Manley
Jo Medd
Sam Prest
Tanya Shaw
Tim Blake
Chris Tuck
David Shillito
Pat Megginson
Martin Farmilo
Paul Stacey
Ian McGowan
Louis Sprigg
Amy Sprigg
John Phillips
Mark Whiting
Keith Jackson
Paul Leatherland
Garry Marsh
Karen Kuciers
Conor Higginson
David Strauther
James Brunt
Bruce Bickerdike
Dom Taylor
Mark Heanue
G Frise
Carl Walker
Wendy Walker
Phil Davies
Steve Basford
Mansfield Town Football Club
Sherwood Colliery Football Club
Bridlington Town Football Club
Maltby Main Football Club
AFC Mansfield
Hallam FC
Rebecca Newbold
Louise Revill
Dave Plowright
Pete Smurthwaite


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