Programme Notes & Updates.

Programme Notes & Updates.

Good evening and a warm welcome to player, officials and supporters of Malt-by Main FC, to this rearranged fixture this evening in the NCEL Premier League. As I write, I am hoping the “Beast from the East” has now moved on ! The match schedule has been very unpredictable over the past few weeks and we are hoping for a sustained period of good weather.

Firstly, congratulations to Jamie Hardwick for securing a new role heading up the Scunthorpe United academy. It looks like an exciting challenge for him after 2 years at Mansfield Town FC. Jamie will still be actively in-volved as part of the manage-ment set-up when time permits, but we are delighted that Alan Widdowson has agreed to step into the hot seat. Jamie has always worked in football and having a strong management team in place at the club was always a back up plan as foot-ball is very unpredictable. Alan also has strong connections with Mansfield Town and we are hoping to continue to build on those strong relationships we have which are really important to us.

Off the field we have also made great progress in improving the ground and facilities following the break in last year. We have now added additional metal security gates to all doors, in-stalled another roller shutter (over and above the one MFP Linings so kindly replaced), addi-tional outside security lighting, various improvements in the clubhouse (new pictures, new shelving for the Donated TV) plus we have also upgraded the electrics to make them more stable and safe. Still more work to do and we are hoping to use the remainder of the money to improve the kitchen area. Thanks again for everyone’s support.

We have also launched our 90th Anniversary club badge. Which I must say has gone down a storm! Thank you to Dan at the club who did a brilliant job on the design. It’s a fantastic badge which really pulls in our great heritage as a club. Thank you to everyone on our social media channels for engaging in our “Throwback” posts and great to see the pictures bring back so many great memories for peo-ple. We are also making a new limited edition 90th Anniversary pin badge available – £3 from the club or £4 posted – please pay by Paypal to and we will post when they arrive in stock.

Off the field, we are starting to make good progress in the plans to resurrect the old football pitch at the top near the cricket field which has been dormant for many years. This will be a great addition to the club for training facilities and also a massively important pitch to give the Colts more room to grow as a club. We are really excited at the plans to work together on the project with the Colts and growing additional facilities for the community.

That’s all for now – have a great evening and still hoping for those first 3 points!

Andy Sumner
Vice – Chairman

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