Clipstone FC announce ground name change

Due to the incredible support of one of our partners, the Lido Ground is back !

The Lido Ground Is Back

In its 90th year, the Clipstone Football Club continues to go back to its roots, celebrating its history and heritage…..

Firstly, the club would like to thank Worksop Van Hire for their sponsorship and support over the past few years which included the naming of the ground. This ground sponsorship has been absolutely critical in supporting the club over recent years. Since Dave left the club over a year ago for business and personal reasons, we have continued to keep the stadium name to acknowledge what Dave and also Sue have personally done and continue to do for the club. Thank you from everyone at the club.

We are now absolutely delighted to say that with the support of one of our partners we are renaming the stadium…………well not exactly renaming it but going back to what we all know and love ……

“The Lido Ground”.

The generosity of our sponsors and their desire to revert back to what they have known the ground as for years, indeed, since childhood, has allowed us to make the change and also keep investing in the club’s development. This investment is right from the heart and we are appreciative of the brilliant support that we can now get the name back to the Lido ground which a lot of the community have asked for…How cool is that! This is not about our partners profile or business, it’s an investment from the heart to revert to the old name and also support the club which makes it very special.

This will help us to continue to grow, run the club and ensure we keep to our vision of playing at the highest level of football in a sustainable way, with strong links to our community.

Whilst it has been a difficult year on the pitch, we are thankful for everyone’s efforts, past and present, management, players and volunteers, who have worked so hard to take the club forward. We approach next year with optimism and exciting plans and despite this year being very challenging, we have learned so much and will go into next year very much stronger as a club.

We are also undertaking some exciting developments with the Clipstone Colts and with this news as well, we go into next season with a great deal of optimism and community spirit.


Andy Sumner
Vice Chairman
Clipstone FC

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