Final Programme notes for the season !

Thank you for everyone for their support this season

Final Programme notes of the season !

Vice Chairman – Programme Notes Versus Harrogate Railway

We welcome players, officials and supporters of Harrogate Railway FC for today’s game which is our last home game of the season and sadly our last home game in the NCEL Premier League – hopefully not for long !

At the time of writing we are still looking for that elusive first win and we would like to reverse the 5-2 loss in November !

As I reflect on the season, It has definitely been a challenging season ! but I would say off the field we are much stronger, having learned a hell of a lot, and also become closer as a team. I’m proud of how hard each and everyone of the committee have worked this year and supported each other through challenging times.

Thanks also goes to past and present managers and players for battling through a very tough league this year. We could not have done it without you. Also, I would like to call out in particular Keir Webster, who is someone that has stuck by the club throughout the season and his experience has been invaluable, particularly of late. Something I‘m really appreciative of. Thanks Keir. One day I will get a decent picture of you !

We now need to approach next season in a positive way and the committee continue to build plans to strengthen us as a club. The new training facilities are continuing to develop, we continue to invest in our pitch and facilities, and our relationships with our commercial partners continue to prosper to help to keep the club funded in a sustainable way and hopefully remain very competitive at Step 6 next year.

A highlight for me has also been our recent announcement that we have changed the name of the ground back to its original name , “the Lido Ground”, following a commercial partner wanting to support us, not for their own gain, but to name the ground as they have always known it. #thelidogroundisback

So, that’s it for another season. Thanks again to all of our supporters who have followed us thick and thin this year and to every single person who has helped us including pat management teams and players. We couldn’t have done it without you and all through the season. Whilst its been tough, we have tried to do things in the right way with a smile on our face and we approach next year with renewed enthusiasm and optimism having come out of this season much stronger and more knowledgeable as a club.

All the best and a safe journey home to all of the Harrogate team, supporters and officials.

See you next season


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