Rob Fisher -Sharing his memories of the club

Great memories of the football club – Rob Fisher

Great memories the club by Rob Fisher

Andy Sumner wrote – “It was great to open my inbox to an email from Rob Fisher and sharing his memories of the club. As we celebrate our 90th anniversary it was a pleasure to read his memories. Rob saw our article in the Chad and made contact”

Rob says I have fond memories as a player and My Dad John Fisher was on the committee at Clipstone Welfare for many years, working alongside ‘Marra’ Walker, Jack Collier, Bill Cotton, and Barry Clarke and lots of other great committee members. I remember watching Clipstone as a young lad and watching my ‘brother’ Alan Smith play for them.  Alan was my hero but I always remember my dad saying the best player he ever saw in a Clipstone shirt was Bobby Haney, another lad from Newlands, and older brother of Shaun Haney. From playing for the colts, I made the step up to play for Clipstone reserves, when I was about 16.  I will never forget my first training session which was held in the big room at the Welfare of all places.  It was held by Jimmy McGowan, who beasted us by having us doing doggies and circuit training.  I also remember training at Manor School, Mansfield Woodhouse, and playing for the second team manager Charlie Govan.  Charlie was a real character and passionate about all things football.  I have many happy memories of playing with some ‘proper chaps’ as I call them.  People like Dave Mason, Dave Holness, Dave Pyle, Colin Walker, Paul Millns, Andy Parnwell,  Johnny Tennant, Johnny Liffen, Terry Doyle, Robbie Sprigg, Carl Hanson, Tony Piper and many many others .I always enjoyed playing at the Lido ground, which is still one of the best pitches I have ever played on. I want to wish you all the best keeping this great football club going.  Clipstone FC will always hold a special place in my heart, due to the way we were looked after by the committee and all the people that helped out within the club.  We never wanted for anything and I was always proud to walk out onto the Lido pitch.”

It was great to hear from Rob as part of our 90th year. We are really looking forward to the new season and also celebrating the history of this great club. Thanks for sharing Rob

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