Rob Paling - 300 Clipstone Appearances

Rob Paling 300 Clipstone Appearances

Rob Paling – 300 Clipstone Appearances

On Saturday in our game with Sherwood Colliery Rob Paling made his 300th Clipstone appearance, we did a special feature in our programme from previous managers/players etc which we felt we couldn’t not share with everyone. Well done Rob.

Lee Tryner—Clipstone Manager 2011
Delighted to see Rob Paling achieve 300 appearances for Clipstone FC. I signed Rob for Clipstone whilst I was Manager in 2011 from Hucknall Town. He was a model of consistency then and has remained so to this day. He was a pleasure to work with as well as being a very good footballer. Well done Rob.

Billy Fox—Clipstone Manager 2015-2016
What can I say about Rob that has not already been said? To make a comeback from that injury is absolutely amazing and testament to him as a player and as a person. A committed and full blooded defender who does not take any prisoner’s and has the heart of a lion. I am pleased to say that out of football he is a mate along with his won-derful family. Well done Rob a brilliant achievement.

Micky Taylor—Current Clipstone Manager
A massive congratulations to Rob (Mr Clipstone) Paling. Me personally I think Rob is a top lad who is so professional in everything he does, especially when it comes to his football career. I have worked at 2 clubs with Rob and he is a pleasure to manage and I really hope he enjoys his day and it will mean a lot more to him if we get the result we all want on Saturday.

Richard Patterson—Former Clipstone Captain
I had the pleasure of playing with Rob for around 6 months and he’s one of the most gen-uine, hard working, 100% committed players I’ve played with. Top lad off the field and on it and he’s one player you definitely want in your team rather than against you. Mr con-sistent and I still keep in touch on a regular basis. All the best Rob and well done. Patts.

Josh Nodder—Former Clipstone Player
Rob was one of the most committed players I’ve played with, a consistent per-former and a good lad all round, his strength of coming back from a horrific injury just proves the kind of character he is, let’s hope for 300 more! Well done Rob.

Michael Trench – Former Clipstone Player
Just a few points I remember of Rob. He was always a hard working player, always gave 100% and never shied away from a tackle!! But mostly Rob was a genuinely nice lad, always in a good mood never had a bad word to say about anyone!!

Chris Millington—Clipstone Manager 2014-2016
Rob played a major part in the title winning side. His versatility was vital to us and he scored some extremely important goals from the penalty spot. Off of the pitch the lads loved him and they are delighted that he is back playing after such a horrific inju-ry. It’s worth putting on record that I tried to re sign him a couple of times but he has remained loyal to the club and to hit 300 appearances for one club now a days is real-ly rare and is something that should be commended. Well done Rob you deserve all the plaudits and more.

Chris Salt—Former Clipstone Player
Rob Paling 100% clubman, such an honest and hardworking player, got such a great mindset as well to overcome such a bad injury! He’s a great player, that I had the pleasure to play alongside and never felt like we’d concede with him next to me! Great character to have in the changing room, well done Rob and good luck with the rest of your playing career.

Andrew Fox— Former Clipstone Player.
Rob is an absolute top guy, one of the nicest people that I have met in football. He is a constantly good performer, that has both quality and desire on the pitch. It shows what a committed person he is to recover from such a terrible injury and get back playing at the level he is and I wish him all the best and every success in future.

Andy Francis—Former Clipstone Player
I’ve been friends with Rob since the ripe old age of around 6 and was fortunate enough to have played together for two seasons at Clipstone. Robs commitment, professionalism, never give up attitude and love for the game is absolutely unquestionable! That never give up attitude has certainly been proven recently with com-ing back from a horrendous leg break and playing the beautiful game again like he’s never been injured, you have to applaud the man! What a milestone to reach 300 appearances for a fantastic team which is also close to my heart! Rob is a great man on and off the pitch and I’m proud to call him my friend! Congratula-tions Rob and I wish you all the best you ginger t**t.

Emma Paling, Rob’s wife.
Rob and I have been married for 3 years and been together for 12 years. For as long as I’ve known him, football has been a huge part of his life. His passion, dedication and commitment to the game was, and still is, part of the reason I fell in love with him.

When he broke his leg last year it wasn’t the actual break that affected him the most but his time away from Clipstone FC. Some people were really negative, telling him he’d never play again. In true Rob fashion, he didn’t listen to any of that nonsense and worked his hardest to get back to full health and fitness. Primarily for his family, who he loves so much, but also for his love of football.

Playing in his 300th game for a club he cares about and has committed so much of his foot-ball life too is something myself and his whole family are incredibly proud of him for. He really does sum up what football is all about and is the perfect daddy and role model for our little girls.
Love Emma, Eloise & Bump x

Daniel Walker & Mark Asher, Committee Members and Programme Editors.
Congratulations Rob on reaching appear-ance no. 300! It should have come last year and you would now be well on course for 400 games, but football can be cruel at times and it was-n’t to be. What you did instead to be fair has been incred-ible. To raise a family, get back to full fitness inside a year and all after such a terrible injury is unbelievable. That just epitomises everything about you.

Footballing wise, I’m sure we can speak for everyone when we say we feel the defence is a lot safer when you are playing.

We sincerely hope that the club can share more success with you in the not too distant future, things aren’t look-ing too bad for us at the minute. Well done lad and onto the next 100.

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