Hoole:"A disappointing result"

Hoole:”A disappointing result”

Dave Hoole believes that the Cobras sloppy defending was the cause of their defeat as they lost 4-1 today against West Bridgford.

Clipstone had their chances too though and were unlucky not to have made it 1-1 after the referee disallowed a Lewis Warwick goal for a apparent foul on the goalkeeper.

Following the 4-1 loss, Hoole told the club’s official website: “I agree it wasn’t a 4-1 result but we won’t be dressing it up. It is a 4-1 loss and a defeat and you can’t give any side in this league or any league a 4 goal start, and that’s what we did with four mistakes, but we’ve changed everything here, the ethos, style of play, formation. All in such a short time, it will take time, we had chances but unfortunately was unable to take them.“

“We didn’t do enough to stop them scoring in the first 35 minutes and they did a hell of lot to stop us scoring. On another day had we kept our focus at the back it could have gone for us.”

“Some of their goals were about using the mistakes that we made, the gifts that we gave them. And they took advantage and scored when they got the opportunity. They took their chances and they won.”

“If we look at the whole game, we can say that we were better in some points. And you could say that we didn’t deserve this result because they did not dominate us. But football is like this.”

“Now it’s recover and prepare for the next game. That’s our life – there are ups and downs. So it’s about keeping the hope and with the way we have been working. My players never give up and train hard. If we keep training like this, we will achieve our goals at the end of the season.”

It is a disappointing result but there are 30 plus games to go.”


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