A thank-you message to our dedicated volunteers

A thank-you message to our dedicated volunteers


With the annual Volunteers’ Day just gone by, we thought we would take the opportunity to say a big thank-you to all those that have helped our club in the past year and in the most recent times during COVID-19.

Of course, the battle against COVID-19 has resulted in football and other events – being put on hold. However, that certainly doesn’t lessen our gratitude to the volunteers that make such a difference at our club.

Club Media Man, Dan Walker, put together the following message today.

“There are so many volunteers that help the club in so many different ways, but a lot of the tasks are ‘behind the scenes’ and don’t have much visible profile. However, these jobs are as important as any other. Saying ‘thank you’ is something that gets forgotten sometimes, especially when someone does the same job year upon year. There is always the danger that people feel taken for granted. So for me, the Volunteers’ deserve some recognition from the club saying a tangible thank you to everyone.

“While in lockdown vice-chairman Brad Rutter has worked endlessly to improve the ground and with restrictions easing more volunteers have been heading down to help out. Becky Newbold has been working tirelessly to bring the clubhouse into the modern era while a fair few of the Clipstone Colts’ parents have been out developing the second training pitch at the Lido Ground.

Take a look at the gallery of images above from our Volunteers’ helping out. We appreciate them very much.

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