Praise for young physio

Praise for young physio

Physiotherapists are a necessity in football and one you hope you rarely have to use. We’re blessed to have two of the finest in Emma Young and Tom Maloney, who have helped to move our football club forward with their knowledge.

However, on Saturday in our F.A. Vase tie against Radford, full back Matt Leyland, suffered two head injuries during the game. After completing 90 minutes and looking fine, Matt collapsed after the match. Fortunately Emma was on hand and did a truly magnificent job attending to him, before receiving assistance from the paramedics who were able to drive their ambulance directly onto the pitch.

Matt was discharged from Kings Mill hospital at 10pm, with team-mate Lewis Warwick staying by his side all the way through. Leyland also attended last night’s match against Dunkirk (not in a playing capacity, of course), with both Emma and Tom keeping a close eye on him.

In football, physios rarely get any limelight but contribute so much. It was a worrying time for Matt, his family and the club and Emma deserves all the plaudits she gets coming her way, from the club, thank you.

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