'They are massive' - Hoole's praise for management team

‘They are massive’ – Hoole’s praise for management team

Cobra’s manager, Dave Hoole, has praised the ‘massive’ contribution made by Clipstone’s management team after getting three wins in three during September.

There’s no doubt that having an effective backroom team can be instrumental in a teams success and our start highlights the vital work done in pre-season by all involved.

Dave commented: “We have a brilliant setup, these guys are very, very important to what we are trying to do.”

“We added Ray Whitton as our strength and conditioning coach over the summer and he has done an unbelievable job, he’s very professional and diligent. I include Emma & Tom in that too, it’s a real team effort from the three of them.”

“Their work ethic is absolutely brilliant and their pride in what they do jumps out at me.”

When the Cobras manager joined, he was very keen to get a professional and strong coaching setup behind him.

He added: “Dale Spragg does a fantastic job for me in terms of the organisation and the coaching side of things. Josh Waldram is a great partner for him and they have forged a great partnership. Malc Siddall has been amazing for us since he joined as goalkeeping coach, he’s worked with some quality shot stoppers, and is keen to continue perfecting his craft.”

“Josh has been a real coup for us, he’s the players age and relates to their mindset. His feedback, the way he transmits his ideas, how he can seemingly read the players moods and talk to them on their level has a lot of impact, much more sometimes than just players talking to players.”

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