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Funk “really looking forward” to first game in charge at Teversal!

Funk “really looking forward” to first game in charge at Teversal.

Rudy Funk gave us his thoughts on Saturday’s game at Teversal when we caught up with him after he had led a training session on a very cold Thursday night.

“I’m really looking forward to it. Teversal is where it really started for me may may years ago when I was joint manager there. We did some wonderful things and I was so happy when we got promotion. I know so many people there and it will be absolutely fantastic to go back there. What happens when three o’clock comes becomes a different ball game because I’m now here at Clipstone. It’s the opening of hopefully a new journey”.

Rudy has also been impressed by what he has seen at the first two training sessions with the players. “They have been absolutely brilliant. Even the lads with knocks and bruises have come down. Initially it was very difficult because when you are taking over and the season is in full flight and the team isn’t doing so well you start scratching your head. But after a couple of training sessions we’ve seen what we have got in our lockers and there are so many great players here and they are absolutely fantastic lads. With a little bit of guidance from Graeme (Rodger) and myself, who knows where we can take them”.

When asked what he was looking for from the players on Saturday, Funk’s answer was simple – “Commitment. From this moment in time its all about commitment.

The new manager also confirmed that he expects to include three new faces for his first game in charge. “There are three new faces already in our camp. One is goalkeeper Jason White, then there is Cameron Dear who is a centre forward. Finally Sam O’Malley who is a very versatile player. I’ve known all these guys for a number of years and they are here to help and to build what we are trying to achieve”.

Asked about what motivates him, Rudy explained “It’s the love of the game. I’ve been around for a long time and might be towards the back- end of my managerial career. But my assistant Graeme Rodger has been a friend and great partner and we talked for many hours and said – ‘we’ve got to get something local’. Clipstone was a club where we felt we could do something and this is the reason why we are here”.

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