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Billy Fox joins the Cobras Management Team!

Rudy Funk Interview re appointment of Billy Fox to Management Team – 22 December 2021

“Since I joined in November there has been one piece of the jigsaw missing from the management side. I’m delighted to say that ex-Clipstone boss Billy Fox will be joining us.

Quite a few people wanted to be part of our team. However, I always enjoyed playing against Billy’s teams. They were always strong.

Billy has a huge amount of experience and knowledge. He has been out of the game for a while and it’s the right time for Billy to come back into non-league football.

Billy is joining our long-term project here at Clipstone and will be a wise head. There is nobody better to be the last piece of the management jigsaw and I’m delighted that he will be joining Graeme Rodger, Tony Wigfull and Luke Randle as part of the Clipstone management team”.

Billy Fox was the Cobras manager back in 2016 and he rejoins the Cobras in the new era!

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